With a Strong Commitment to Quality, Chamundi has been Following a Stringent Quality Management System, which has been Certified by the Following Agencies.

Certified For
ISO 9001:1994 By

M/S. S.G.S. In 2000

Certified For
TS : 16949 : 2002 By

Version By M/S. D.N.V since Year 2004

Certified For
TS : 16949 : 2009 By

Version By M/S. D.N.V. since Year 2010

Certified For
IATF : 16949 : 2016

Version By M/S. D.N.V. since Year 2018

Quality Certification

Current QMS Certification

Quality Support Equipment

In Line With its Commitments to Quality, Chamundi Has also been Continuously Investing in a Host of
Quality Control Support Equipment, some of Which are Listed Below

  • Contour Tracer
  • Co-ordinate Measuring Machine - CARL ZIESS ,MITUTOYO & TESA
  • Non-Contact Visual Based Measuring Equipment
  • Particle Size Analysis For Cleanliness
  • Spectro
  • Universal Tensile Testing machine / Hardness testing equipment / Roughness testing equipment / Balancing Equipment…. And a host of various other related Quality Support Equipment.

Multiple Customer Awards:
The Fruits of our Relentless Commitment Towards QUALITY !!!